Author of After the Snow and One Crow Alone

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Last night I re-watched Any Human Heart - a television adaption of William Boyd's masterpiece of a book that deals with the life of a man, Logan Mountstuart: his loves, luck and the various mishaps of his existence.

I wrote a poem on ageing for a book I was working on, never used it in the book of course, but the sentiment remains.

The Good in the Grain.
In the shed,
Where the wood dries
In stick;
I have lain-by a tree.
I will not know, ‘til it has aged in the cold
‘Til it has cracked in the heat,
‘Til it has sprung in a shake,
What prize it will make;
This wood.
I will not know
How it will be,
Til I have pared
 a good old board,
Then polished it
       High to a shine:
  Only then will I know,
                                                              The good in the tree;
                                                              The good in the grain.