Author of After the Snow and One Crow Alone

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Chess and end of another summer

Working through the  opening moves.  The theory is to hold the middle ground....but 5 hours later and after negotiations...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Murder of Crow
found an old card of the woman I painted who inspired the poem....

"So Crow did preen his cloak so dark
And Swift to river he embarked,
And with a gentle caw he spoke,
With love, like mirrors, glinting smoke
But could not lie when gazing on
That wondrous fair and gentle swan.
He hopped ungainly ‘mongst the sedge,
To make it known his lover's pledge:
“I love you Swan,” that brave Crow said.
And she did modest, dip her head.
Fair swan looked up with glassy eye
And gave a light and gentle sigh:
'You’ll show your love if you come in.'
'But Swan,' said Crow,  'I cannot swim -' "

And now...
A Murder of Crow finally printed....

Also, One Crow Alone has been shortlisted for The Sheffield Children's Book Award...

A bright and good day.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Last night I re-watched Any Human Heart - a television adaption of William Boyd's masterpiece of a book that deals with the life of a man, Logan Mountstuart: his loves, luck and the various mishaps of his existence.

I wrote a poem on ageing for a book I was working on, never used it in the book of course, but the sentiment remains.

The Good in the Grain.
In the shed,
Where the wood dries
In stick;
I have lain-by a tree.
I will not know, ‘til it has aged in the cold
‘Til it has cracked in the heat,
‘Til it has sprung in a shake,
What prize it will make;
This wood.
I will not know
How it will be,
Til I have pared
 a good old board,
Then polished it
       High to a shine:
  Only then will I know,
                                                              The good in the tree;
                                                              The good in the grain.